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New Technology Expected to Make Coal Cleaner

Extracted from : The above link features a new way to process coal which is call ‘Smart Sprial Technology’. With more than 1000 new coal power plants planned worldwide (,  there will be a need for companies to look for … Continue reading

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Thai Power Sector Turns to Coal

Article extracted from : ‘Thailand’s power sector will require an additional 1.44 million mt/year of sub-bituminous coal once four new coal-fired units come on stream over 2016-2017, an industry source said Monday. Two of the four 135 MW units … Continue reading

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Asia-Pacific the Largest Flowmeter Market in 2013

Article from Control Engineering Asia : ‘The Asia-Pacific region this year will become the world’s largest market for flowmeters with sales revenue of US$1.7 billion, according to IMS Research. From 2011 to 2017, Asia-Pacific is also forecast to be … Continue reading

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Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)

This is a good video from GE explaining the process and technology behind IGCC. With tighter environmental controls on emissions especially coal fired power plants, this technology will be well received moving forward. A big thanks to my friend, Venkad … Continue reading

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Waste to Power

Look at how this company, Rutland Plywood, feed their wood waste to boilers to generate process  steam to be used in their daily operation. They also turn the biomass project into a cogeneration project. ( In Singapore, Sembcorb Industries has opened … Continue reading

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Geothermal Basics

A good link plus video explaining the basics of geothermal energy. ( I haven’t have a chance to visit a geothermal site yet but feedback from my colleagues told me that geothermal region is usually very beautiful with many resorts. … Continue reading

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Why ‘Clean Coal’ ?

  Read this article today, ‘Could ‘Clean Coal’ Finally Live up to Its Name? ( It explains the meaning of what is clean coal and the process of how to make the coal ‘clean’. The ongoing debate of coal vs … Continue reading

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How is Electricity Tafiff in Singapore Determined ?

Thanks to my good friend Simon Tay ( for sending me this link of how electicity in Singapore is calculated. ( Now I understand better on the 2 components which are the fuel cost and non-fuel cost.

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