Power Crisis : How Prepared Are You ?

Earlier this week, I read on the news about the possibiltiy of a power crisis in S.Korea after technical issues with 2 of their power plants.


In the midst of a heatwave , South Korea governement is urging the people to conserve energy through different means like reduce electic consumption from 10am to 6pm.


I contacted some of my colleagues from Seoul office and they are doing their part by switching off the air-conditioning system and diming the lights during office hours. The thought of what will happen if Singapore is face with a power crisis suddenly hits me. In Singapore, electricity and water are readily available, chances of a massive blackout is very small (unless Malaysia & Indonesia decided one day to cut off natural gas supply to us).  However, there is still a slim chance it might happen one day due to political reason, price of fuel or even war.

Let’s not talk about long terms plans like renewable energy or even nuclear, if we are faced with a power crisis tomorrow, what are we going to do? Any homes in Singapore that has a backup power or generator? What will happen to our food and water supply? Will we experience fear and start to panic or even angry? What about if this power crisis happen in the midst of the recent haze with PSI more than 400 and we cannot turn on the air conditioning or air purifier? 

If you are not thinking about all these, maybe is time to start now.





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